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Tomb Raider TRUE

There's been a lot of speculation on Twitter as to what the next Tomb Raider game will be. Apparently the title TRUE (known as Tomb Raider Ultimate Experience) has been registered as a trademark yet doesn't apply to any existing Tomb Raider product. Some people believe it could be a simple trademark of Tomb Raider merchandise that isn't a game at all while others speculate that it may be a unified Tomb Raider game combining the classic and the new Lara together. I relish the idea of a unified Lara, and hope I'm proved wrong, but know it's very unlikely that Crystal Dynamics would create such a game. I've a foreboding feeling that it'll be a remake of the 2013 version of Tomb Raider updated to the new generation of consoles in the same manner Tomb Raider Definitive Edition came out for the current gen. This may seem a far fetched theory but considering Grand Theft Auto 5 has been remade three times already there's no reason that Tomb Raider won't be r

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